1st place: A complimentary French class for your kid/teen for the Fall 2022 term.
2nd & 3rd place: A French Library tote bag filled with wonderful books in French! 

And, it’s easy to participate! Your amateur young artist needs crayons or colored pencils, a little imagination, and some help from you!

Directions for kids/teens: Before we reveal our final renovations to the public, imagine what one of the following spaces will look like.

La salle de classe (classroom), la réception (welcome desk), la cuisine (kitchen), la galerie (gallery), la bibliothèque (library) 

Each drawing must include at least three (3) easily recognizable Francophone elements. Please bear in mind that Francophone culture is more than just Paris and France in general. The drawing of the room could include : the French flag (of course!); the flags of other Francophone countries, provinces or territories; a plate of food from a French-speaking country; a picture frame on the wall representing a famous Francophone monument; etc. The diversity of Francophone elements will be taken into consideration by the judges.

  • For inspiration, you may choose to show them a picture of what the space looked like prior to renovations! Please note that your child/teen does not need to have visited the Center in order to participate. 
  • Encourage your young artist to include Francophone culture is more than just Paris and France in general. 
  • Teachers/Parents: This challenge is a wonderful opportunity to review some of the useful words linked to a house/office setting and discuss the concepts of “aesthetics/architecture/design/space” through the lens of Francophone culture.

Terms & Conditions: Parents should consider the following when helping their young artist create their drawing: 
  • Only use crayons/colored pencils. 
  • Colorings and drawings must be your child’s original artwork and should not contain any logos, characters, sports teams, or other materials that may infringe upon the rights of others or be considered negative content.
  • Your child’s coloring or drawing may not include any words, phrases, names or other text.
  • Do not include your child's name, initials, age or any other identifying information on their drawings.

In order for your young artist’s drawing to be considered, please ensure the following criteria are met:
  • Submissions must be a scanned copy (preferred) or well-lit picture (free of any shadows) of the completed art sheet only. (Note: If photographing the art sheet, use portrait (not landscape) orientation and do not use any filters or photo enhancing features.)
  • Submissions must be In JPG or PNG file format with a file size of 5MB or less.
  • Any art sheet submitted must meet the Terms and Conditions provided above and a parent or guardian must agree to this Art Release.
  • If the submission contains art that doesn’t meet the above criteria, it will not be considered.

Let their imaginations run wild! 

Submissions are due Jun 15, 2022by 11:59 PM.

Parents: Please complete the Art Release Form and send your entry to: concours@frenchlibrary.org

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