What is Culturethèque?

Culturethèque is an online library that offers French Library members free and unlimited access to over 350,000+ digital materials, including magazines, e-books, songs, concerts, videos, and language learning exercises.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

The quickest way to create your own account is to register on this page, selecting Boston as your Alliance française. This will instantly grant you access to materials! The librarian will then validate your e-library account, which will be valid for the duration of your French Library membership. 
[/section_secondary_title]If you have any questions, please reach out to librarian@frenchlibrary.org

Now that I have access, how do I find materials?

Culturethèque curates their homepage to offer a little bit of everything: from bandes dessinées to magazines and prize-winning literature to learning modules for French learning, you’re sure to find a section (or a few!) of interest. 

To search for all items in Culturethèque, on the left-hand of the search bar menu, select: Without entering any text between the two in the search bar, hit:

This will give you a screen that looks like this:  
Using the filters on the left-hand column (type of document, author, editor, subject, collection, classification, date of publication, place, tags, note, and source), you’re able to limit your search results in a meaningful way.  To search specifically for downloadable eBooks (as opposed to streaming media), enter “Numilog” in the search bar. Similarly, to find Storyplayr documents, search “storyplayr.”

To search for documents using more specific parameters, click the advance search bar icon below the search bar: The advanced search page looks like this: 

Each individual field that you fill in will craft your search term. Items returned by Culturethèque will only be those that have all of the terms in their records.

To more broadly browse a selection of items by type, click on any of the categories underneath the search bar: