Whether you are a French teacher for beginners or more advanced students, whether you teach in-person or online, the French Library has resources to supplement and enrich your students’ language education.

This page is for information regarding our teacher-led educational workshops organized by our Youth Programs Manager, Alan. Spring 2024 field trips available Thursday mornings.  Please see below for details on our current offerings for teachers. Have a question for us or would like more information? Send us an email at youthprograms@frenchlibrary.org Merci !

Educational Workshops in French

Educational workshops are a fun way to expose your students to French as it’s spoken in everyday life. Choose between one of our thematic workshops below, or email us with an idea and we can create a personalized workshop for you and your students. Please include the number of students and their level(s) of French. Workshops are taught in immersion by one of our experienced, native-speaking teachers, and offer opportunities for students to gain a different perspective on their language learning and knowledge of francophone cultures. Workshops are offered virtually through Zoom or in-person.


NOUVEAU : Jeux Olympiques de Paris 2024 / NEW: Paris Olympic Games 2024

Dive into the Olympic Games through our French language workshops, catering to students of every level, for an immersive linguistic and sporting adventure!

Eveil à la langue française / Pronunciation workshop

Expose students to the sounds and rhythms of the French language through a selection of games, songs and activities.

Voyages en francophonie / Francophone cultures workshop

Travel across the francophone world to learn about the French language in all its diversity.

Atelier culinaire / Cooking workshop

Offer your students a culinary trip to either Quebec, Maghreb or France (custom options available) 

How to Enroll

Interested in scheduling a workshop for your students? Contact youthprograms@frenchlibrary.org Policies: A non-refundable $150 deposit is due a month prior to the visit. If the trip is organized under a month, the deposit will be due the day the request is made. Reservations will only be made upon receipt of deposit. Full payment will be due a week before field trip. If the trip is modified within 2 weeks of the original trip, an additional $50.00 fee will be charged. Cooking Workshops: If a significant number of students have diverse and numerous allergies, alternative non-food related workshops will be more suitable. Youth Programs must be notified at the time of reservation (or prior) of students' food allergies. Our cooking classroom may use nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, seafood and many other foods that many cause allergic reactions. Anyone with allergies will be entering our kitchen at their own risk, at no time can the kitchen be completely free of allergens.

Multi-State Pathways to Teaching French

  2024 APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN Launched in response to the shortage of teachers of French in the United States, this program helps those with a strong mastery of French become teachers of French with fewer obstacles than the traditional track to obtain a teaching license might present. Participants of the program must possess authorization to work in the US.