Barbara Bouquegneau

President and Executive Director

Barbara Bouquegneau

Barbara has worked at the French Library for over 25 years. She holds two Master’s degrees, one in electrical engineering from her native Belgium, where she pursued research in bio-medical engineering, and another in film production from Boston University, that led her to produce a number of independent films. Barbara has been at the very heart of the French Library her whole career: from Film Assistant to President & Executive Director, Barbara has evolved through various positions such as Cultural Programs Manager, Director of Programs and Communications, and Chief Operating Officer. Her career has enabled her to forge many friendships and ties in the local Francophone and Francophile communities, as well as expand the French Library's list of cultural and business partners.

Barbara has represented the Alliance Française of Boston & Cambridge and was on the board of the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA for many years, filling in the position of Vice-President for the last couple years and chairing the One Book One Federation committee, whose mission is to support French literacy throughout the United States. An avid reader, writer and film buff, Barbara often presents the French Library’s monthly ciné-club and relishes discussions with each enthusiastic audience. She will also gladly warm up our members for French karaoké singing!

She is committed to pursuing the extraordinary mission of the French Library and believes that the Francophone world is worth exploring in all its different cultures, and that this exploration makes one a better citizen of the world. She wishes that visitors of the French Library experience the welcome embrace of French and Francophone cultures together, as a community, and that they come out of their visit with something they learned.

Our Staff

Maxine Arnheiter

Administrative Assistant

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Clémence Bary-Boloré

Cultural Programs Manager / Office Manager

I love meeting new people, sharing tips and points of view. The French Library is a place which allows you to experience that every day.
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Elizabeth Beckett

Education Assistant

I sought out the French Library with the aim of reviving my French and discovered a vibrant community. I love to chat to our students and members, of all ages, whether to discuss classes they are taking, books they are reading or the latest French TV show they have been watching.
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Bruna Franco

Membership Manager

French culture is so rich that spending a year in France wasn’t enough to absorb all the knowledge it has to share with the world. And being part of the Center helps me get more of it on a daily basis.
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Alan Gómez

Youth Programs Manager

Being multilingual profoundly marks every aspect of my life; from the ability to create unique connections with others, to understanding the nuances of different cultures, to enjoying the various pleasures associated with language production. It’s a journey of self-discovery and exploration.
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Elisabeth Karnoub

Director of Education

Being multilingual has allowed me to travel to many different places and meet great people along the way!
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Benoit Landon


There is a book for everyone. It may take a while to find it, but eventually you'll get hooked. I would be happy to help you through the process.
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Fabrizio Mazzetta

Adult Programs Manager

If language is a positive factor contributing to a better knowledge of a specific culture, multilingualism is an unending source of great discoveries.
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Jeffrey Rufo

Education Administrator

The ability to understand and speak French has opened so many doors for me over the years that I can't imagine my life without it.
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Our Teachers

Sally Assaad

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Nathalie Azar

Beirut, Lebanon
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Isabelle Badri

Paris, France
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Sandra Chaouche

France and Tunisia
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Marine Darius

Paris and Rennes, France
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Julien Delbasty

Dordogne, France
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Michaela Jordan

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Nora Massoc

Lorraine, France
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Tin Ramanitrera

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Cassandre Rey-Thibault

Nantes, France
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Patricia Richoux

Brussels, Belgium
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Isak Rioual

Brittany, France
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Farida Talantikit

France and Algeria
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Loïc Lerme

Angoulême, France
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