Updated 10/13/2023

The health and well-being of all our visitors and staff are our number one priority.

Given the rise of Covid-19 cases and respiratory illnesses, the safety measures below have been set up keeping in mind the current guidelines issued by the CDC as well as the variety of educational and cultural activities that the French Library presents for both adults and children.

Four your health and ours, we ask everyone to follow and pay attention to these safety measures. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Mask Policy

-Masks are strongly encouraged when visiting the French Library or attending classes.

Precautions for everyone visiting the French Library (Events, Classes, Rentals, Library visit)

-Stay home when you are sick with any respiratory illness symptoms.
-In the unlikely event that you or a person close to you contracts COVID-19 and you have attended a class or an event, please contact us immediately, so that we may take appropriate action.
-If you test positive to Covid-19, please follow the CDC recommendations of isolating for five (5) days and to continue to wear a mask while in public between day six (6) and day ten (10) of illness (Please remember that Day zero (0) is day of first symptoms, and if no symptoms Day zero (0) is day of positive test).

Precautions for students attending classes at the French Library

-For in-person adult classes, should a teacher test positive for Covid-19 or develop any other symptoms of respiratory illness, please note that classes will be switched to an online format until the teacher is able to come back onsite.

Safety Measures Taken by the French Library

-All spaces and classrooms of our newly renovated Library are equipped with high-efficiency filters for enhanced air quality and ventilation.
-Masks and hand sanitizer are also available at Reception and in our classrooms, and we encourage regular and thorough handwashing.
-Communal surfaces in the classrooms are sanitized regularly.

These policies are in place to improve safety for all, but they are not an absolute protection against Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses. Guests assume their own risk by entering the French Library spaces. The policies currently in place are subject to change and may be revised at any time.