Visitors, members, and students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner with teachers, employees, fellow classmates, and all members of the French Library/Alliance Française of Boston and Cambridge.

Therefore, the French Library reserves the right to dismiss any person whose behavior is inappropriate or disruptive to the our environment and to other people.

We will not tolerate any abusive behavior towards any patron or member of the staff.

If the French Library receives such a complaint from a teacher and/or fellow students about a student, a meeting will be called with that student to notify him or her of the complaint and to request a change if and when warranted. If after that warning, the student continues to be disruptive, the student will be dismissed and barred from registering for future classes, and, when appropriate, the Center will issue a pro-rated refund for any classes not yet taken.

We reserve the right to augment or authorize temporary suspension of any of these policies.

In addition to the following policies, please also follow verbal instructions given by any French Library staff.

Code of Conduct

Consumption of Food, Beverages, and Tobacco

  • Consumption of food, candy, gum and beverages is forbidden in the library.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the Center. Use of all other tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes and vaporizers) is also prohibited.


Animals are not permitted anywhere in the Center, with the exception of service animals.

Personal Property

Please do not leave any personal items unattended anywhere inside the Center. The Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Appropriate Clothing

Visitors are not permitted within the Center without proper clothing, shirt, and/or shoes. Visitors wearing clothing deemed inappropriate will be denied access to the Center or will be asked to leave the premises.

Disruptive Behavior

The Center does not permit behavior that is incompatible with the use and enjoyment of the Center’s services and premises by its visitors or staff. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • soliciting,
  • posting or distributing any sign, petition, notice, ad, pamphlet, or other print materials without the Center’s permission,
  • creating a disturbance/excessive noise of any kind (such as yelling and audible music devices),
  • using abusive language/profanity,
  • sexual harassment or any overt sexual behavior,
  • overt signs of substance abuse, including drunkenness,
  • sleeping in or bringing bedding into any Center facility,
  • obstructing foot traffic,
  • entering any non-public area without authorization,
  • using bikes, skateboards, or skates anywhere in the Center, and
  • fighting, running, pushing, shoving, jumping or any other rowdy behavior.

Criminal Behavior

The Center will notify law enforcement authorities of any violations of federal and state laws.

Supervision of Children

Children may not be left unattended for any period of time. Children must be closely supervised and/or accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.