About Alain Lenôtre

Born to Gaston and Colette Lenôtre on April 13, 1945 in Pont-Audemer Normandie, France.

Third generation of French chefs:
  • Grandfather: Gaston Lenôtre, chef at the Grand Hotel in Paris
  • Grandmother: Eleonore Lenôtre, chef for the Rothschild family in Paris and Bordeaux in 1900
  • Father: Gaston Lenôtre, Pâtisserie chef owner in Pont-Audemer, Normandie in 1945 and in 1957 in Paris, France

1962 to 1964: Apprenticeship and further training in Pastry, Bakery, Ice cream, Chocolate, Cuisine, Catering in LeNôtre Paris laboratories after High school.
1964/65: French Army, Military Service, 60e Regiment of Cavalry in Germany.
1971: Creation of the Ecole LeNôtre next to the Family Central Kitchen of Plaisir west of Paris, the first continuing education culinary art school in France.
1972-1982: Chief Operating Officer of LeNôtre Paris, including managing the Catering department and the Franchise network in Germany, Japan and Brazil.
1982: MBA at University Paris I.
1982 to 1984: President of LeNôtre USA in Houston.
1988: Creation with his wife Marie of the Culinary Institute Lenôtre in Houston Texas.
1990: Create Alain Lenôtre Franchise Pâtisserie café in Cairo Egypt.
Contribution to the translation in English and republishing by Flammarion with his sister Sylvie of "Faites votre PATISSERIE comme LENOTRE" 2021.

Father of 5 children and grandfather of 11 grandchildren.

  • US CONGRESS : CERTIFICATE OF CONGRESSIONAL RECOGNITION by the Honorable Pete Olson, member of Congress 2019 : "A tribute to Alain Lenôtre whose commitment to bettering the lives of others has transformed our community and inspired others to do the same."
  • STATE OF TEXAS: Commissioned HONORARY TEXAN by Governor Rick Perry 2002

About the Book

Gaston Lenôtre, the legendary master French pâtis­sier, was revered for having made desserts lighter and more delicious; his techniques continue to influence pastry chefs in France and around the world. This new edition FRENCH PASTRIES AND DESSERTS BY LENÔTRE—the cult-classic cookbook first published in English in 1977 as Lenôtre’s Desserts and Pastries—has been updated in collaboration with a team of chefs at Lenôtre Paris and two of the founder’s children, Sylvie Gilles-Naves and Alain Lenôtre. The chefs at the world-renowned cooking school Lenôtre Paris have meticulously adapted the two hundred essential recipes for home cooks and experienced professionals alike who seek inspiration from the rich tradition of Lenôtre’s French pâtisserie. They provide the modern baker with the fundamentals for doughs, sponges, meringues, creams, sauces, glazes, and decorations. Alongside stunning images, classic and contemporary recipes include crois­sants, éclairs, crêpes, mille-feuilles, baba au rhum, molten chocolate cake, tarte Tatin, Parisian brioche, macarons, fruit tartlets, and much, much more! FRENCH PASTRIES AND DESSERTS BY LENÔTRE will delight fans of the original and amaze those being introduced for the first time. Not only is the book the perfect holiday gift, it is also an invaluable resource for holiday baking with such treats as Candied Fruit Cake, a Snow-Covered Yule Log, and Lenôtre’s Gâtines Spice Cake.

Where to order the Book:
Available wherever books are sold, go to your favorite book store or buy it online HERE

Please note that the book will be released on November the 30, you can pre-order it.




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