The French Library has the honor of presenting the work of local visual artist A’Key. Originally from the Ivory Coast, A’Key paints scenes inspired by daily life in West Africa using recycled materials: newspaper cut-outs, cardboard, and even coffee. We will be displaying 11 of his pieces from November 22 to December 16.

This newest exhibition transports us to the world of women in francophone West Africa, whose images are often misrepresented or rendered invisible in mainstream media. A’Key’s art aims to place these women front and center. From supporting family members and the community to educating children and transmitting culture to the next generation, his paintings pay homage to the invaluable and often overlooked contributions of African women. On a larger scale, they also speak to the struggles of women around the world who resist and adapt.

About the Artist

AkeyA’Key, Agbokey Denis Abounan, is a visual artist from the Ivory Coast. He graduated with a BAC from the Lycée d’Enseignement Artistique of Abidjan in 2005 and then pursued university studies at the School of Fine Arts (École Nationale des Beaux-Arts) in Abidjan. In 2009, he obtained his degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Mural Art. He has been living in Boston since 2015 and appreciates the city and its people. This will be his first show at the French Library.