France can lay claim to a significant number of world-changing inventions and innovations, from the Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon and the Concorde’s sonic boom, to pioneering the fashion industry, self-assembling shoes, live surgeries, and 3D printed aneurysms.

This spring, the French Library / Alliance Française of Boston and Cambridge is pleased to present “French Innovation,” its latest cultural program series. Each program in the series will explore the history of an industry, present its evolution and current landscape, and welcome a modern-day innovator who will introduce us to a groundbreaking product.

Our series coincides with an eye-opening, interactive gallery exhibit featuring sketches and models of French innovations from the past through today.

This series is brought to you, in part, by the Consulat Général de France à Boston, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy,
and the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy.

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