Shari Therrien


Shari is delighted to be a member of the community at the French Library in Boston and to combine her passion for French culture with her business skills. She views the FCC / AF as a strong, dynamic, and welcoming environment where learning language and participating in cultural events is foremost and fun!


Shari is a native of New York and her first exposure to French language and culture was when she was in elementary school. She continued to take French throughout her middle school, high school, and college education. She is a graduate from the University of Albany with a degree in Biology and a minor in French. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, she lived in France with a family as a fille au pair, spending three months in Paris and on the Cote d’Azure in Bormes les Mimosas. She has remained in contact with the family for many years, has returned to France on vacations (including two bicycle trips, one in Bordeaux and one in Provence). After living abroad in France, she pursued a Master of Business Administration at the University of New York at Binghamton.