Maude Mastoris

French Teacher


Maude grew up in Paris, she moved and lived in Istanbul and Dubai where she worked in corporate companies in communication & events and taught french before moving to Boston. She enjoys sharing the french culture and is passionate about connecting with people. Maude loves traveling and discovering new cultures. She is a dynamic and creative teacher making her classes interactive for students by focusing on encouraging conversations.

Articles by Maude Mastoris


C’est la rentrée!

En France la rentrée est un moment important et particulier, mais pas seulement pour les enfants ou étudiants qui reprennent le chemin de l’école ou…

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Avez vous lu le post précédent sur les antonomases? Si non, petit rappel avant de découvrir de nouveaux noms plus bas: une antonomase est une…

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Une antonomase est une figure de style consistant à remplacer un nom commun par un nom propre ou, plus rarement, inversement.  Très souvent l’utilisation du…

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For the Fête de la Musique, let's bake a piano cake with Maude! Ingredients - 3 eggs - 70g or 1/2 cup sugar - 200g…

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While at home, let’s take this time to enjoy being creative and become artists by making a diorama. The diorama will allow you to travel…

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If there’s one thing that France is famous for, it has to be the delicious food! The French are known for their baguettes, cheeses, wines,…

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