Fabrizio Mazzetta

Adult Programs Manager

If language is a positive factor contributing to a better knowledge of a specific culture, multilingualism is an unending source of great discoveries.


Fabrizio grew up in Paris, France, studying Classical Music and French Modern Literature and Semiotics. After graduating from both, he had the opportunity to move to the United States to pursue further studies in Cello. While at school, Fabrizio taught at UMass Boston before proudly joining the French Library's team, first as a teacher, later on, as a manager, a position he has held for a number of years. Active in both fields, eager to share his belief in creativity and his practical understanding of Education as a key factor to enrichment and tolerance between Cultures, Fabrizio is always ready to guide your journey into the Center as a memorable one. Pour le plaisir, in view of relocating to France or any French speaking country or in order to anticipate a language proficiency testing leading to a new job. Alors, Bienvenue à vous!