Time Slots

Thursdays (5 Weeks), 2:30 PM -3:15 PM

For members

$150 (April 13 - May 11)


For non-members

$200 (April 13 - May 11)


About this Class

With the help of parents or caregivers our youngest students encounter French for the first time or continue their discovery of the language through nursery rhymes, stories, and games. They also discover classic songs like Vive le vent and Promenons-nous dans les bois.

Young toddlers are encouraged to recognize images and sounds connected to this session’s vocabulary as well as move around the room to the rhythm of words and music. Les Poussins emphasizes oral comprehension, motricity, and some speaking.

You would love to join our Poussins but cannot make it to the French Library? No worries, we've got you covered. This spring, join Patricia at Galoop in Chesnut Hill!
379 Hammond St, Newton, MA 02467
(781) 956-8226