Time Slots

Wednesdays, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Session 1 (Sept 13 - Oct 11)

$160 for members | $210 for non-members


Session 2 (Oct 18 - Nov 15)

$160 for members | $210 for non-members


About Le P'tit Labo

Let your kid put on their lab coats and goggles and discover the world of chemistry and physics - all in French of course! With the help of their French teacher, children will conduct mini-experiments and learn some amazing facts about the world around them. They’ll manipulate and observe chemical phenomena, enough to write some secret messages! Children will be proud to reproduce a rainbow in vitro or even a volcano with the help of some vinegar and baking soda!

About La P'tite Chorale

Kids will discover francophone music while learning French through rhythms and songs. A perfect way for auditory learners to practice pronunciation and tap into their listening skills.

About Les P'tits Artistes

Children learn arts and crafts themed vocabulary as they use their imaginations and various materials and mediums to create mini masterpieces. As one of our “Creative learning” classes, Les P’tits Artistes allows children to express themselves artistically and in French, providing a fun and stimulating environment for kids to learn and develop fine motor skills. Previous masterpieces include self-portraits, masks and picture frames!