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Fridays (Sept 15 - Oct 13), 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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About this Course

Culture and history focused.
No doubt you have heard about the Je suis Charlie movement started in 2015 after the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo newspaper employees in Paris. In response to this tragedy, the western world showed their overwhelming support with the simple yet powerful slogan, demonstrating compassion for the victims while reiterating their belief in the freedom of expression.
However, this event also raised many questions surrounding cultural and religious beliefs and how they may support of deny the concept of Freedom of expression. Should there be limits? If so, what might they be? What is taboo? Should taboos be respected?
In this class, delve into hotly debated topics and gain a better understanding of French culture.
- Learn about media
- Analyze satirical work
- Analyze journalistic commentary
- Debate philosophical and moral topics



This [was] my 10th class at the French Library. I barely studied the language until I turned 50. Most of what I've learned, and I am now B2 Intermediate/Advanced, has been here. The teachers are native speakers. Most have a wonderful sense of humor but also take their work seriously. Classes are in French and are interactive and lively.


My conversation class is usually the only opportunity for me to use the French I have learned, so I am so grateful this Center exists!


Jamaica Plain
[Our instructor] made this class extremely worthwhile through her preparation of interesting ways to present the topic each week and through her presentation of activities that challenged us to discuss the meaningful issues and topics. We were provided lots of new vocabulary each week and given many opportunities for small group discussions to maximize our speaking practice time.