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About this Class

A female vampire in love with a freshly ordinated priest ("La Morte amoureuse"), a mythological queen from a tapestry charming a young boy ("Omphale"), the ghost of a Pompeian woman tantalizing a French tourist in Italy ("Arria Marcella"), an Egyptian mummy haunting the dreams of an antique enthusiast ("Le pied de la momie")...
French author Théophile Gautier dedicated a few of his short stories to "dead women in love" (with the living). In this class, we will read about and study the topic of female revenants in 19th-century French literature. Figments of the male protagonists' imagination, mere fantasies, or actual messengers from beyond the grave, no matter their natures, these enticing figures offer different levels of interpretation that we will decipher together.
Class is taught by Loic.

Book can be ordered on the MEP Education website here.

Communicative and Linguistic objectives: :
1) Delve into literary vocabulary and analysis to speak about literature in precise terms
2) Read about 19th-century French cultural imagination about exoticism
3) Learn about and wield the concepts of intertextuality and interculturality
4) Understand the trope of the female temptress and its multi-faceted incarnations
5) Participate in debates, peer editing sessions, and critical writing workshops