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Tuesdays (May 13 - June 10), 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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About this Class

Are you strong on the page but weak when it comes to oral comprehension? Do you find you are constantly asking your teacher to repeat herself? Then this class is for you! Learn to capture those words the first time around in this class that emphasizes oral comprehension while at the same time building the fundamental skills for success in French.

This course is primarily articulated around one idea: improving your listening skills in French toward comprehending a variety of everyday life topics and being able to communicate better! We won't ignore the reading and writing components of French, targeting our efforts toward a better auditive, visual and textual understanding of the language. We then will use our newly acquired linguistic tools and idioms in several role plays. Come join and have fun with us en français!

Class material: weekly handout handled by instructor, using RFI français facile as primary source.