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Of the 370 long-distance hiking paths that criss-cross the French countryside, some in particular stand out. In Finistère, on the Atlantic, the Chemin du Pouldu blends with the Brittany coast. Its contrasts of green and blue have inspired many artists, such as French painter Paul Gauguin. Down in the Cévennes, Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson gave his name to the Chemin Stevenson, where you can still come across wild donkeys. As for the route to Santiago de Compostela, one of the oldest long-distance hiking paths in France, it contains delights for the eyes as well as the soul.
Source: France 24

Key language concepts:
Targeted conversation on history, geography and local cultures and traditions;
visual and auditive comprehension and production
vocabulary and contexts at play

Credit: Photo by Krivec Ales

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