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About this Class

Our core language classes will strengthen your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to expand your skills and increase your confidence in French. With full immersion from day one and a communicative, task-based approach you'll gain a deeper understanding of the French language and Francophone world!

Required: B1-4 or equivalent. Prepare for CECR B1
Required textbook: Édito B1 - Unité 12

Content you will cover in Unit 12: “Cultiver les talents”

Know how to: talking about reading habits ; expressing opposition and concession ; expressing taste in art ; expressing appreciation and dislike ; describing a piece of art and an artistic event ; writing a biography.

Grammar: expressing opposition and concession, forming and using the simple past tense, using time indicators related to the moment of speech and the narrative content. Society and culture: discover and talk about different Francophone artists and their productions; talk about artistic events and gatherings.

Vocabulary: literature, creativity, art.

Pronunciation: the pronunciation of nasal vowels such as montagne, enfant, impossible



The French Library is awesome. En bref, j'adore. The location is convenient and accessible by public transit. The fees are competitive. The instructors are native French speakers and subject-matter experts. The Center is second to none en matière de français.