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Tuesdays - Session 1 (Sept 19 - Oct 17), 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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If you feel that you have gained enough of the basics and would like to dive into some Classics but you are intimidated by what both the words Literature and Conversation imply, this course is for you! We have tailored our field of study for advanced beginner learners and are eager to travel to various fictional destinations together!

Book can be purchased here. Free delivery!

About La Cafetière et autres contes fantastiques
This book presents five fantastic tales that take us into a strange world...
A coffee maker that turns into a pretty young woman at night, a pillow that talks to a little girl, a mummy's foot that walks by itself or characters from tapestries that come to life!
Is this possible or is it a dream? Do we really want to know?

Key Language Concepts:
Written and Verbal Comprehension – Verbal production + vocabulary expansion and critical thinking analysis in targeted language