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Mondays & Wednesdays (June 26 - Aug 2), 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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About this Class

Our core language classes will strengthen your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to develop your skills and confidence in French. With full immersion from day one and a communicative, task-based approach you'll gain the knowledge you need to embrace the Francophone world!

No previous requirements. Prepare for CECR : A1

Required textbook: L'Atelier + A1
In this course you will cover Units 5 and 6

Content you will cover in Unit 5 :
"C’est arrivé quand?"

Learn How To
  • Describe fashion ; describe an atmosphere ; relate an experience ; buy clothes ; give instructions ; prepare an audio tour.
  • The past tense with avoir ; c’était, il y avait, il faisait; the past tense and the negative form ; the past tense with être ; conjugating Mettre
Society and Culture
  • Artists and their works ; parties and festivals
  • Clothing; fashion; musical instruments ; describing an atmosphere; music; time indicators; numbers from 100 to 1 million; emotions.
  • Nasal vowel sounds ; consonant and vowel sequencing.

Content you will cover in Unit 6:
"Alors, ton nouveau travail?

Learn How To
  • Present oneself for a job ; talk about one's habits ; describe your colleagues ; make an appointment by telephone ; present yourself professionally on LinkedIn; write an infographic on jobs of tomorrow.
  • Question words: comment, où, pourquoi ; expressing obligation and possibility with devoir and pouvoir ; pronominal verbs ; adjectival agreement ; conjugating devoir, pouvoir and se coucher.
Society and Culture
  • Happiness at work ; French actors.
  • Qualities and defects ; expressing the qualities of something ; necessary ; daily activities ; physical description ; telephone number
  • Intonation ; the silent « e » ; consonant sounds [f], [v], [s], [z]



I thoroughly enjoyed my class. My instructor was fun and enthusiastic. She planned a variety of activities so the concepts were presented in different ways which really helped me learn. She was patient with my pronunciation, but taught me in a way that only a true native speaker could. Can't wait for my next class!


The class really gave us a good foundation from which we learned to communicate in French.