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About this Class

Our core language classes will strengthen your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to develop your skills and confidence in French. With full immersion from day one and a communicative, task-based approach you'll gain the knowledge you need to embrace the Francophone world!

Required : Beginner French 2 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A2

Required textbook: Édito A1
In this course you will cover units 7, 8, and 9; pp. 103 to 144.

Content you will cover in Unit 7:
" Chez moi"

Learn How To
  • Look for an apartment, understand a room inspection, learn about lodging regulations, draft a set of rules for shared living, apologize for something, talk about and react to domestic misunderstandings.
  • Direct object pronouns, spatial prepositions, obligation and interdiction with the infinitive and the imperative, the pronoun y .
Society and Culture
  • Learn about French designers and a few traditional house furnishings
  • Housing and lodging, rooms, furnishings, appliances, apartment buildings, making repairs.
  • The sounds [f]/[v] : fête / vous and [b]/[v]: bal / val

Content you will cover in Unit 8:
"Bonnes vacances !"

Learn How To
  • Make a reservation online, note your preferences, write a formal email, hesitate, compose a postcard, express surprise, positive emotions, and other feelings.
  • Make comparisons using adjectives (plus, moins, aussi), learn the present of IR verbs (choisir, partir), the past tense with être, the imperfect tense with impersonal verbs (c’était, il y avait, il faisait)
Society and Culture
  • Learn about travel culture and different writers abroad.
  • Trips, lodging, transportation, travel services, going to the airport, emotions.[k]/[g]: k cabas; archaïque; kelvin; Jacques; week-end; ɡ gain; guerre.
  • The sounds [wa]/[we]: moi; loin

Content you will cover in Unit 9:
"Pas de chance !"

Learn How To
  • Complain about something or someone, explain something (pourquoi/parce que), express a negative emotion, understand road traffic safety symbols, give and ask for the size and weight of an object, talk about how you feel.
  • Use the past tense with reflexive verbs (s’amuser), express guidance, obligations, and requirements, (falloir, devoir), use the indefinite objects lui/leur
Society and Culture
  • Talk about good and bad luck as well as other superstitions
  • Body parts, going to the doctor’s office, going to the pharmacy, talking about daily inconveniences.
  • The sounds [ʃ]/[ʒ]; linking consonant-vowel sounds
    [ʃ] : chat, chou, schéma, shampooing
    [ʒ] : jeu, gymnastique
    Consonant Sequence : Vo/Tra/Mi/Peut/Vou/Sai/Der



I thoroughly enjoyed my class. My instructor was fun and enthusiastic. She planned a variety of activities so the concepts were presented in different ways which really helped me learn. She was patient with my pronunciation, but taught me in a way that only a true native speaker could. Can't wait for my next class!


The class really gave us a good foundation from which we learned to communicate in French.