Content consumption is ever evolving, and TikTok's surge during the pandemic brought about significant shifts. Back then, some people hopped on it, showcasing their dance moves to trending tunes, leaving the uninitiated with the impression that TikTok was solely about that. However, diving into the platform reveals a myriad of diverse content. Today, TikTok reigns as the top platform, even outstripping Google in Gen Z’s groups' search trends.

Nevertheless, TikTok isn't just for entertainment; it's a fantastic tool for honing your French skills, delving into Francophone cultures, offering invaluable travel advice, and so much more.

With this in mind, I'm thrilled to share some of my favorite Francophone content to keep you in the loop. But before we jump in, I want to mention that we're also active on TikTok. Follow us to stay ahead of the curve and catch up on our team's latest updates and activities!


Trisiwiz - If you're passionate about the Côte d'Azur and eager to discover more about its hidden gems, you absolutely need to check out this account. From breathtaking beaches perfect for catching the sunset, to charming towns waiting to be explored, and exhilarating 'randonnées' that offer unforgettable experiences, this account has it all.

Camsoutravel - Exploring cities and countries worldwide, all in French, she offers insider tips on scoring the best ticket deals and pinpoints the optimal times to visit specific destinations. Whether you're planning a spontaneous getaway or dreaming of a vacation, her insights will have you covered.

Florin Defrance - Based in Paris, Florin shares a plethora of tips on what to do and where to eat in the City of Light. But that's not all—he also takes you along on his adventures to other destinations, such as his recent journey to India. From Parisian delights to global explorations, Florin's content is a delightful blend of local insight and wanderlust-inspiring travels.


DimancheCook - As a certified pastry chef from École Ducasse, he tantalizes taste buds with an array of delectable sweet and savory recipes. From mesmerizing ASMR videos to lively voiceovers in fast-paced French, his content offers an engaging culinary experience for all senses.

Mamie et Math - Having grown up close to my grandmas and great-grandmas, I find all their videos delightful. They cook together, sharing cherished family recipes, while also offering glimpses into their lives in a fun and lighthearted manner, embracing the French 'joie de vivre'.

Totocuistot - His 1-minute videos showcase quick, easy, and delicious recipes. If you're someone who prefers visual guidance while cooking and likes to follow along with written instructions, I recommend watching his videos first and jotting down his directions, as they're presented solely in video format.


Alex_traordinaire – In his videos, Alex interviews kids, and it’s both adorable and hilarious to see them discussing their favorite topics. Their genuine laughter is infectious and never fails to bring a smile to my face, reminding me of the sweet innocence of childhood!

Lena Situations - If fashion is your favorite type of content, Lena is a must-follow. From attending numerous runways to interviewing celebrities, she brings a unique flair to the fashion scene. With her great sense of humor and a fun, light-hearted approach, her content is sure to brighten your day.

Yanntoutcourt - Are you French but have forgotten some of your history lessons? Let Yann, a history teacher, jog your memory with intriguing topics. You'll not only recall forgotten facts but also uncover fascinating insights into Francophone culture. Plus, for those who aren't French, Yann's content offers a unique window into French history and culture.

Grossomodo - This adorable account depicts imaginary situations inspired by everyday scenes on the streets of Paris. It's incredibly creative and has sparked my imagination to do the same, even when I come across unusual scenes in Boston.

The more French content you consume and the more Francophone creators you follow, the better the algorithm will understand your preferences and suggest similar accounts and videos. So, yes, you might find yourself scrolling down and perhaps spending more time there than you'd like to admit. But hey, at least you're gaining insights into Francophone culture and probably picking up some new French words and slang along the way!

Bruna Franco

Marketing & Membership Manager

Bruna first joined the Center as a member, looking for an opportunity to practice French and to be around French culture. She is now thrilled to be the Membership Manager and to provide members with the amazing experience she was previously able to enjoy herself. She is a native Portuguese speaker who, by the age of eight, knew she wanted to be multilingual someday. Working at the French Library now seems like a dream come true.

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