Before relocating to the Boston area, I lived in Paris for 7 years, in the 10th arrondissement. During that time I dedicated myself to one of my passions: theater. For 5 years, I worked at different theater companies so naturally, I spent my life in theaters, discovering new places, following the trends of new actors, etc… I love classical plays but in those days I was mostly involved with modern theater. Ask my husband, he will tell you that sometimes, it was a bit TOO contemporary! Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite ‘’underground’’ places.
Most of them are not just dedicated to theater plays and have an amazing repertoire!

Le 6B

Located in an industrial wasteland in Saint-Denis, Le 6B is a unique center for creation in Île-de-France. Si votre coeur balance between dance, theater, visual arts, cinema, circus and so on the 6B is the place for you! There is even a beach area for concerts during the summer. The kitchen serves amazing organic food and the staff is awesome! Is it obvious that I worked there for three years?!

Gare au théâtre

I love this ancient train station that has been transformed in order to welcome performing arts. The atmosphere of this place is unique. A multidisciplinary location, it is dedicated to the contemporary arts in Vitry-Sur-Seine and is accessible with the RER C or the metro line 7. I can’t recommend enough going there in July during their own theater festival named: Nous n’irons pas en Avignon! Enjoy a play, sunbathe in their chaises-longues and sip on. a homemade juice. What a perfect summer day!

Le Carreau du temple

A cultural and sports establishment with industrial architecture dating back to the late nineteenth century, the Carreau du Temple was rehabilitated in 2014 by the City of Paris. Today, it is home to more than 230 artistic, cultural and sporting events each year, through an eclectic program composed of highlights and regular events. They also have amazing food festivals for the foodies!

La Colline

The latest national theater exclusively dedicated to drama, La Colline was one of the first cultural institutions to be established in eastern Paris. Since its creation, the theater has based its identity on the presentation of works from the contemporary theater repertoire. [/section_secondary_title] Today, La Colline presents between 12 and 20 shows each year in its two theaters: mainly productions and co-productions with international outreach, notably hosting performances with foreign language overtitles.

Meanwhile, why not enroll in our brand new offering, our theater club on Wednesday, January 25?


Clémence Bary-Boloré

Cultural Programs Manager / Office Manager

Clémence has a Master’s degree in Cultural Projects Management. She worked in Paris for several years for theater companies. She likes discovering new cultures, people and places, which is why she crossed the ocean to start a new experience in Boston. She is glad to be part of the French Library to promote French culture and language. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, kayaking and all forms of art!

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