Thanksgiving is coming and even if the French don’t celebrate it, it does not mean that you can’t sprinkle a little French magic on your menu. I have carefully selected some side dish recipes with a French twist that your family and guests will remember for the next decade! Are you ready for a French cooking Marathon? 1,2,3, partez!

Cheese and charcuterie board

Why not greet your friends and family with a homemade cheese and charcuterie board?
My tip: buy French cheeses at Trader Joe’s (Camembert, Brie, Comté, Délice de Bourgogne etc.) as well as a jar of cornichons. Add some almonds, jam or honey, dried fruits or grapes and above all, don’t forget the bread!

A French version of mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese is definitely a traditional American dish, but you can easily add a French twist to any dish where cheese is involved. You only have to replace the cheddar with a French cheese. For Mac and Cheese, I would go with a yummy Comté!

Mâche, endives and beets

When French people want to round off a meal nicely, they always include salad. Generally, it is a course of its own, served between the main dish and the dessert, and it goes with or without un plateau de fromage. No need to tell you that I'm on board with the cheese board! 😉
My tip: add some walnuts and use apple cider vinegar instead of wine vinegar in the dressing.

Cauliflower and potato gratin

Want some comfort food while getting your veggies? Cauliflower and potato gratin is what you need!
My tip: don’t forget the nutmeg and try to replace the potatoes with sweet potatoes, it’s délicieux!

Crème caramel

I love pies but why not try something a bit different this year? A crème caramel will most certainly match your table decoration with its attractive brown sheen given by the caramel. It’s light and sweet, the perfect way to end a great meal.

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu? Do you plan on adding a French twist to your meal this year? If you try one of these recipes please send us some pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving from the whole team at the French Library!


Clémence Bary-Boloré

Cultural Programs Manager / Office Manager

Clémence has a Master’s degree in Cultural Projects Management. She worked in Paris for several years for theater companies. She likes discovering new cultures, people and places, which is why she crossed the ocean to start a new experience in Boston. She is glad to be part of the French Library to promote French culture and language. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, kayaking and all forms of art!

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