Looking for more stories to read with your children and teens from the comfort of home? Try Libby!

This resource is available as an app through your public library and offers a great collection of ebooks and audiobooks. Libby is the easier-to-use version of the OverDrive collection you might already be comfortable with.

You can find Libby on the Apple Store or through Google Play. Read on for selections en français from your librarians!

To find all French materials, click into the “Explore” banner on Libby’s home page. Then, click the “Guide: World Languages” and set your preferences for Format and Language to “Books” and “French.” Apply your preferences and click “Featured” to see all options. Click into a specific title to see the details and then borrow. We’ve rounded up easy reading to classic selections en français below!

Easy Readers

Je suis Louna et je n’ai peur de rien by Bertrand Gauthier
In simple text accompanied by engaging illustrations, Louna tells readers all the ways she overcomes her fears of monsters in closets, of bats under the bed, of dragons, witches, and pirates galore!

Ma gardienne est sourde… puis après? By Noëmie Forget
Aglaé has a different life experience than her babysitter, Mimi, who is deaf. In this colorful and illustrated story, Aglaé tells readers about the different tools Mimi uses in her everyday life.

Babette series by Andrée Poulin
Babette wants nothing more than to be a princess with long flowing hair… but instead is stuck with short locks! With the help of her cousin and their incredible imaginations, Babette comes up with a different silly way to be a princess every day. Plus! Their adventures continue in a treat-focused second novel, Les Cacahouettes de Babette.

Lola superstar by François Gravel and Elise Gravel
One day, Lola discovers that, if she blows on her index finger, it disappears for a full ten seconds! She can’t explain her rather unique gift, but her parents are very excited to help her exhibit it on screens across Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world. How will Lola handle her rise to stardom?
Looking for more like this? Check out Bozo Nolet-Leclou by Mathieu Boutin or Les Vélos n’ont pas d'états d'âme by Michèle Marineau, both published in the same collection by Québec Amérique.

Camille series by Nathalie Fredette
When her father develops an allergy to cats, Camille is heartbroken to give up her pet, Merveille. But, when she meets Madame Emma, friend to all cats, she feels much happier about Merveille’s future. Follow along with these unlikely friends in the first two books: Les Mille chats de Madame Emma and Le Triste secret de Madame Emma.

Maybe you’re looking for a bit of nonfiction, amidst all of these fictional stories? Look no further than Mon album de la connaissance du Professeur Génius. With the help of science, discover mysteries of the universe, the history of life, and stories from subjects like physics, chemistry, and math.

Bande dessinées

Vampire Hunter D series (manga) by Hideyuki Kikuchi
Over 10,000 years in the future, nothing is the same. After war and destruction, a race of vampires is ruling over the remaining humans. Recently bitten, Doris reaches out to D, a mysterious vampire hunter. Can he help the remaining humans escape their doom?

Capitaine Static by Alain M. Bergeron and Sampar
A mix between a BD and an easy reader, Capitaine Static tells the story of Charles Simard who was a kid just like all his classmates… was because he recently discovered his super power! While dragging his feet (a habit his mother hates) Capitaine Static discovers the power to store and discharge static electricity. Follow his adventures in 3 volumes currently available on Libby.

Young adult novels and series

The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling
Libby is the hero of our bookshelves by digitally hosting all of the adventures of the hero of the wizarding world! One of the questions we get quite often at the Circulation desk regards this extremely popular series. While we haven’t yet made an exception to adding this translation to our shelves, go back to Hogwarts en français here.

L’ effet manga by Jacqueline Pearce
As a huge fan of manga and anime, Dana is extremely excited for her school trip to Japan. She’s especially looking forward to meeting new friends, as she’s a favorite target for her school’s popular kids. This novel observes complex topics like differences in culture and bullying through the engaging perspective of Dana.

Robin Sylvestre by Véronique Drouin
Reminiscent of popular series like Artemis Fowl and The Spiderwick Chronicles, 13-year-old Robin is about to discover that his world is much more strange than he previously thought. While working as a bike courier for his grandfather’s curio shop, Robin finds that one of his top secret deliveries contains a fairy with an explosive temper! Can these two unlikely allies successfully investigate his grandfather’s mysterious business and bring justice to the magical creatures caught up in it?

Danser dans la poussière by Tania Boulet
In order to feel connected to her new school, Clara joins the school musical. Here, she meets Julie, who signed up due to her love of dance. Dealing with the emotions, drama, and possible love interest of teenager-hood, Clara is glad to face these challenges with a friend.

Classics en français on Libby

Make your way back to Avonlea with Lucy Maud Montgomery’s red-headed heroine in Anne… La Maison aux pignons verts. Ask for more gruau (french for “gruel”) along with the titular character in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Inhabit the spooky world of monsters and murder in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Do all three and then head back to Libby for more!
Can’t get enough classics? Try these: La Peur by Guy de Maupassant, En Provence by Lucien Duc, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Candide by Voltaire, and a dual language edition of Colette’s Chéri.

For even more resources in French, be sure to check out further options on the Center’s blog! The complete collection of free online resources can be found here. Please consider sharing your favorites with your francophone friends!

Ingrid began her passion for French through the immersion program in Milton, MA, and has followed it around France and the world. She took a break from this first love to pursue a B.A. in English with a minor in Irish Studies at Boston College and a Masters of Library and Information Sciences at Simmons College. She is thrilled to meld her excitement for libraries and French language and culture in her position at the Center!

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